Photography and the present, 1986  – 2016 

 Sanjay Kak

One picture is worth a thousand words. The screening of ‘Witness Kashmir’ during the Wayanad Literature Festival, by famous filmmaker Sanjay Kak.

Collection of photographic documentation of the most troubled times of Kashmir. Edited by famous Indian author, filmmaker and activist Sanjay Kak. Picture of ‘Witness Kashmir’ screening from the 2nd day of  Wayanad Literature Festival.

When words are unclear, we can focus on pictures. Because the photographs tell more stories in depth. Screening of ‘Witness Kashmir, photography and the present, 1986 – 2016’ by Sanjay Kak during the Wayanad Literature Festival.

An interaction between Sanjay Kak and the audience during the session ‘Witness Kashmir’ on the 2nd day of Wayanad Literature Festival.

Overshadowing the darkness..!’ Photograph from the session ‘Witness Kashmir’ in Wayanad Literature Festival.