“ A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”. Delegates and visitors of Wayanad literature festival at the book stall.

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read .One does not love breathing”-Harper Lee. Image from Wayanad Literature Festival.

To enhance the memory, to entertain and to be productive. A senior citizen searching for books at a book stall during the Wayanad Literature Festival.

A relic of history, a mark of revolution, a symbol of protest. Books played an important role in influencing and eye opening for centuries. Image from Wayanad Literature Festival.

“I am not young to know everything”. There is no limit and barrier to get access to knowledge. Picture from a book stall during Wayanad Literature Festival.  

“A book is a gift that you can open again and again” . Exhibition of books during the Wayanad Literature Festival .